Where is the best place for a boiler to be installed?

We are often asked “Can a gas boiler be installed in a bedroom, in the loft, in a bathroom, outside, in a garage, in a cupboard, etc.” There are several issues to consider when looking to position or site a boiler, and this article aims to allow you to understand these issues before making a decision as to the best location for your boiler.

Also remember, the best place for your boiler may not be where your current boiler is located and a more efficient location could help save you money in the longer run. So when budgeting for a replacement boiler consider the following points.

1) Condensate pipe

The boiler produces condensation which has to be drained away, some installations merely vent this outside into an external drain. However when the weather freezes this may cause your condensation pipe to freeze solid and stop your boiler from working, right in the middle of the cold weather. Consider running the condensate pipe into your the soil pipe or a kitchen waste pipe indoors.

2) Venting your boiler

All boilers require a vent for waste gases, which are hot and condense and create clouds of steam. So ensure your flue is positioned where the steam clouds won’t cause you or your neighbours a problem. No one wants to see clouds of steam blowing past their windows all day during the winter months. There are also regulations as to where you can position a boiler vent and you may need an extension or other piping to vent the boiler up and away and protect it from any prevailing weather.

3) Service and Repair

Some boilers are installed in lofts or other similar unused spaces. This can be rather problematic when there is an issue, you have to verify the boiler is indeed off or not working correctly and then your boiler engineer has to access the boiler to repair or service it. So if you do choose a boiler location that is out the way make sure that it is accessible for servicing and repair. Plus if you choose the loft ensure the loft is boarded and you have a loft ladder for easy access.

4) Operating noise

When your boiler is operating make sure it is located so that the noise it generates will not wake people. Nothing worse than a 6am shower waking the whole household. So if you are placing it in an upstairs location then you may have to sufficiently insulate the cupboard it is located in.

Whatever boiler you choose it will require a water supply, even if this is just for a filling loop, a waste pipe for condensate (discussed above) and a gas pipe to fuel the boiler as well as a vent to exhaust burnt gas to the outside.

5) Pipe runs

Depending on the type of boiler you choose you will need to consider the location of the pipe runs. For example; combi boilers need a mains fed cold water supply, whereas system boilers and heat only boilers can use other feeds. If you are considering a combi boiler you will definitely need a mains fed (mains pressure) cold water supply close by.

Also consider where hot water from the boiler has to go to in your property. If it has to go too far the water may cool in the pipes or the boiler pump may be over-worked to push the water to where it is needed. Thus specifying the right boiler for the location is part of the work we do.

6) Gas Supply

Another consideration when thinking of installing a boiler is where your gas supply or gas meter is located. The boiler will require a dedicated feed of gas so no other appliances can share this supply. So you have to consider the route for the gas supply from your gas meter to the boiler location. Locating your boiler on an exterior wall to make it easier to vent is usually advisable but also consider where the gas supply will come from.

Final Comments

Hopefully those pointers will help you if you are considering replacing your boiler, we would always suggest you contact a Gas Safe boiler engineer like us to help you make the final decision and of course we can always quote for the installation and do all the hard work for you.

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