How often should I service my boiler?

We advise that all domestic boilers are serviced once a year to ensure safe and continuous operation. Also, if you fail to service a newly installed boiler it may void the manufacturer’s warranty if you do not stick to the service schedule they state.

It is also a safety issue as badly serviced boilers can and do emit deadly carbon monoxide gas, so having your boiler serviced regularly is a precaution that is worth taking.

Furthermore, if you are a landlord then the rules for landlords are very clear; you have three legal responsibilities if you let a property equipped with ANY gas appliance:

1) All pipe work, appliances and vents, chimney and flues have to be maintained. All gas appliances are to be serviced as directed by the manufacturer’s safe operating instructions. If the manufacturer’s instructions are not available, a Gas Safe registered engineer must service your appliances annually.

2) Annual gas safety checks are to be carried out on each gas appliance and vent, chimney or flue to ensure gas appliances are not leaking or emitting toxic gases and are safe to be used.

It is UK LAW for landlords to have all gas appliances and gas pipe work and flues checked by a registered Gas Safe engineer annually and maintained in accordance to all manufacturers safe operating instructions.

3) A record of your annual gas safety check should be provided to existing tenants inside 28 days of completion, or provided to new tenants at the start any tenancy. If any rental period is less than 28 days you should display a copy of the annual gas safety check in a prominent position within the property. Plus you have to keep copies of the annual gas check for a minimum of 2 years.

Anyone carrying out work on gas or gas appliances within your property has to be Gas Safe registered, this is the law.

If possible try to get your boiler service done in the warmer months so your boiler is all ready to go when the colder days come round.

Not following the gas use standards required by law, is a serious offence. Letting a property that doesn’t comply with all aspects of the gas safety rules is highly illegal and can be prosecuted as a criminal offence. If you are renting a property without a valid gas safety certificate, that you have given a copy of to your tenants can result in a substantial fine and/or imprisonment:

  • Invalidates any Landlord’s insurance
  • Face up to £6000 in fines
  • Six month prison sentence
  • Tenant court action, suing for civil damages
  • Manslaughter charges if a tenant dies as a result of unsafe gas appliances

It’s just not worth the risk for the small outlay of getting your boiler and gas appliances checked out. We would suggest that if you are a Landlord and haven’t had a gas safety inspection recently on boilers in your properties or do not have a valid “Landlord Certificate”  then we’d urge you to get an annual boiler service done sooner rather than later. The penalties

As Gas Safe Registered boiler engineers we can service and repair all makes of boilers and heating appliances all year round, just call us to find out more and let us help keep you warm and most importantly, safe.

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