How much does a boiler repair or heating system repair cost?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions we hear, “how much will it cost to fix my boiler?“. As you may appreciate it very much depends on several factors including the make/model of the boiler, its age and the availability of parts as well as changes in regulations that may mean we have to fit a newer boiler.

This article aims to outline the main reasons we usually get a call out and gives you a price range of the work required. HOWEVER every boiler repair job is different, time of call out, if it is an emergency, location of boiler, work required and availability of parts etc.

Hopefully though this is a rough guide as to what to expect for each type of boiler or heating system problem, if you would like a quote for installation or repair of your boiler then please do call.

Common Boiler and heating system problems and associated repair costs

No heat or hot water.

This can be caused by a simple fault in the boiler like a temperature sensor failure in the hot water storage tank or it could indicate a much bigger issue that needs the boiler replacing. Common issues though are valve failures airlocks and faulty thermostats, motorized valves, programmers, thermostats, pumps. This will definitely require diagnosis time and then the correct part or parts being ordered.

Price Range £100 – £1500+ for a new boiler

Leaking and dripping.

Leaks can be a sign of a bigger issue, such as a blown gasket in a water pump or too much pressure in water pipes or a frozen condenser pipe. The gasket may not be a replaceable part and you will require a new pump. Or it could be a simple pipe joint or connector issue that can be replaced relatively quickly sometimes.

Price Range £100 – £500+

Strange banging, whistling or gurgling noises sometimes called “Kettling”

Strange noises like this coming from your boiler can indicate a build up of sludge in the boiler’s heat exchanger. However if you have knocking, gurgling or whistling pipes that can indicate a build up of sludge or air in your system. The fix for this can be a simple bleed of your radiators but it may require that your system is power flushed, adding a magnetic filter and then system refilled.

Price Range £100 – £400+

Pilot light goes out.

Most boilers will indicate the pilot light has gone out with a boiler fault code. Most pilot issues can be traced to a faulty thermocouple or damaged seals. However it is a fault that requires inspection of your boiler and a full diagnosis being run.

Price Range £100 – £300+

Losing pressure.

If your system is losing pressure then it may indicate an issue with a pressure relief valve or worse still that you have a leak somewhere in your central heating system. Look for tell-tale signs such as wet or damp patches around your house or water draining from an overflow.
The fault will need to be traced and then fixed before restarting your boiler and heating system.

Price Range £100 – £600+

Cold radiators

This can be the first sign you have a boiler issue but air can enter your system and so bleeding radiators can fix the problem. However it may also indicate other issues, such as a broken pump, build up of sludge or other matter in the heating system which slows circulation through your pipes and radiators.

Price Range £100 – £600+

Frozen condensate pipe.

Many people experienced a frozen condensate pipe at the start of 2018 and it can be a simple problem to fix. Check your boiler’s display and see what the fault code is. If it indicates that the condensate pipe may be the issue then locate it outside your property AND IOF SAFE TO DO So pour hot water over the pipe to thaw it out. You may also want to then insulate the pipe to prevent it refreezing again. However if the condensate pipe is broken, or the joint spilt due to the ice in the pipe then it will need to be replaced.

Price Range £100 – £400+

Boiler keeps switching off

This is a “catch all” type issue, which may be something as simple as low water pressure or a blocked condensate pipe or could indicate a broken boiler that now needs replacing. This will definitely require a call-out and visit from one of our Gas Safe registered engineers.

Price Range £100 – £1500+

Whatever issue you have we hope this gives you a guide to what the likely costs are to fix, but if you would like a full quote for your specific problem then please do call us to arrange a visit and for us to fix your boiler problem.

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